Ashley – Animal Temptations

Another wonderful meeting of two lovers. Ronny eagerly anticipated her arrival, and was excited the whole day. Ashley wanted him deep inside her all the time. During their previous meeting, she had a wonderful time, and ever since she dreamed of the time when she would see him again and have him.


That day came. Ashley looked beautiful in a red outfit. He was mad with desire when he saw her. He was trying to bring her down to the floor, and kept jumping on her. She smiled, and her excitement grew. She lay down on the bed and touched her pussy, wanting to excite him even more. He circled around her, trembling with excitement, wanting to have her as soon as possible. She was all wet with excitement, and he insatiably licked her juices.


Many times he tried to hump her. She skillfully avoided his humping. At one point he succeeded. He began to fuck her, and she sighed loudly. She wanted to receive him whole in her, but it wasn’t the right time yet. He wasn’t aroused enough, and Ashley wanted his cum to drip from her.


He got out of her, and cum started to flow down her thighs. Very quickly, he cleaned up the mess behind him, and started winning her again.

Three times he was briefly in her, and every time cum was dripping from her pussy. The last humping, and it was a hit. He got into her whole, and fucked her like he never wanted to stop. She screamed of desire and lust, and placed her butt in such a way that he could go in deeper.


Finally he calmed down and started to blow his load. From her small pussy, the root of his dick could be seen, and they made a unique connection. She rubbed her butt against him, full of desire, wet and almost completely satisfied.

He got on her back and pulsated in the rhythm of cum spraying from his dick. Her pussy was full of this wonderful liquid and sighed loudly. They remained connected for a long time, although it was a short time to satisfy her desire.


He came out of her. He came out with his enormous knot and dick that dangled. She was splashed with his hot cum.

Ashley began sucking his dick eagerly. He was still spraying and splashing her face and lips.


She licked her lips and smiled contentedly.

Another good sex. Until the next time, more good memories. And the next meeting guarantees even more good sex…


Scene: Animal Temptations
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