Back Into – Lily – TigerLily tries doggy play the HARD way!

TigerLily is a fast learner as you have seen. The Lady threw herself into learning these new pet skills, quickly achieving full turned ties in various positions. Usually, we would expect it to take a bit longer for a Lady to develop these skills, our Lily picked them up almost instantly. Just goes to show what’s possible with a bit of motivation ?


This was our final movie with TigerLily before leaving Asia, Eden-bound. With the various mounts, ties, turns, sucks and swallows, there were not too many places left for Lily to go by way of a climax.


One serious Member had already purchased a custom anal tie movie with Lily. Fuck me, that was a challenge and a half, some 8 sessions to get the required material. Having landed that particular skill, and with various other Members requesting anal stuff, we thought an anal movie would make a suitable doggy farewell. So here we have it.

There’s a shortage of pleasant terms for a Ladys backside. Since some Ladies refer to their cookie as their ‘front bottom’, I think it’s only fair to refer to the other entrance as the backdoor pussy


The movie starts off with Animal sinking a nice mount into Lilys ever-so-tight vagina. Animal loved mounting that snug snatch, and one last taste couldn’t hurt as a bit of a warm up. No tie on that mount, we were of course saving that knot for the main course. But Animal couldn’t say goodbye to his exotic lover Lily without splashing a little dog sperm into her pussy.


We’d seen a fair amount of interest in pee related fun on the Groups recently. Taking a break, we thought we would slip in a bit of pee play for the fans. We’ve never done pee stuff before in a pet movie so that was interesting, Animal thought so too. If you want more of that, do tell us


Then it was time to take the plunge. Before the previous custom movie, Lily had not done much anal stuff. It was a very tight squeeze but within a few sessions the Lady was taking Animal all the way into her backdoor pussy. Those sessions prepped the Lady well, and this time Animal thrust home with relative ease. Soon he was buried deep inside her bum, knot and all.


Animal was locked up in Lily, injecting his seed like a good boy. It’s a good hard tie, anal fans will be happy to note that, yes you can see the knot pressing against the inside of her vagina. Damn you folks are quite specific in your tastes ? And why not.


After a good long tie the hard way, Animal pops out with a gush. Lily had douched well before the shoot, so it’s a nice clean gush. We can be sure that, during her brief time with us, that no part of Lily went without a good measure of dog sperm.


In all, this is a pretty hard anal tie movie, I’m sure you anal fans will enjoy it. Please join us in saying au revoir to Lily for the time being… sorry may be the hardest word, but a deep anal tie got to be one of the harder goodbyes. Have fun with Back Into Lily


*Sorry Gang, I had originally put this up as an anal turned-tie movie. ILZ informs me that the turn scene sadly has our faces all over it so we won’t be able to release that part ? Although you can see in some undershots, that Animal has turned, there is no side shot – so it’s not really fair to push this as an anal turned tie movie. Sorry about that, thanks for your understanding. It’s still a great movie with a hard anal tie.


Models: TigerLily with Animal
File: mp4
Size: 915 MB
Duration: 00:31:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

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