Burgling For Brownies – Lara & Elaine – Hightide Video Productions

When a burglar gets drunk on the job, he soon finds out that he chose the wrong house!
The two sexy homeowners know how to deal with intruders. The perpetrator receives instant punishment with spit, piss and shit. After he’s been transformed into an obediant houseslave, he’s ready to do time in the basement..



Categoty: Scat Femdom, Piss, Scat, Piss Drinking, Shit Eating, Shit In Pussy, Lara, Skye Blue, Hightide-Video.Com, Louise Hunter, Mel, Tima, Veronica Moser, Pretty Lisa, Maisy Van Kamp, Chris Extreme, Praying Mantis

Site: Hightide-Video.Com
Studio: Hightide Video Productions
Scat Models: Lara & Elaine

Size: 742 MB
Duration: 00:59:13
Resolution: 384×288

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