DevoteHündin – Triple Duty

3 is the Magic Number

DevoteHündin - Triple Duty


She did 3 doggy dicks last time in “Take Three”, so she’s sticking to that number. Three is the divine number and Devote is of course our specialist on all subjects divine. We start with Devote showing us she’s a yoga master and the downward dog … we get ample view of her lotus flower waiting to be pollinated. Her signature red, over-knee latex high heels add to the allure and contrast wildly to her green hair…

In the background, we can hear Hudson panting excitedly, as he’s very much ready to join in this session for worship, but our head priestess tells our worshipper to hold his horses as she’s still preparing for the ritual at hand. Hudson is experienced and knows what to do, there’s no oral worship, no lip service, no nothing.

DevoteHündin - Triple Duty

He mounts our goddess of love and worships her petals in the only way that seems apt: thoroughly and furiously. It doesn’t take our hero long to find the hole to the underworld and soon he’s plunging those depths like a pro. Devote makes sure he keeps at it. “No dismounting for you yet sir.” … and soon she starts groaning and making incoherent noises. Hudson is listening intently for what her prophecy will be…

Hudson’s knot is firmly stuck and Devote isn’t letting go. Hudson pumps her cervix full of his doggy love juice, so Devote won’t be in danger of running dry anytime soon, overflowing with his holy oil in copious quantities. The knot enters and we get a very clear and close-up view of this spectacle, to enjoy … thoroughly … Hudson has done the leg-over maneuver and is very content with the prophecy cumming true.

DevoteHündin - Triple Duty

We can see a lot of heavy panting whilst he’s being milked for all he’s worth. Who could resist those smoldering eyes? Devote can’t suppress the moans and that big grin of pleasure and contentedness. We can hear her mumbling encouragement, slightly incoherently, because her language skills suffer from the barrage from her pleasure centers…

Hudson wags his tail, enjoying emptying his balls into this nice female, who’s seemingly very much in need of his stud services. Every so often he tests whether she’s still capable of entrapping his thick doggy dick much longer and Devote does not relent. She’s determined to milk him dry and catch every drop of his precious love juice inside, to make doggy babies.

DevoteHündin - Triple Duty

Seven deeply knotted minutes later, seven being the other holy number besides three, Devote isn’t able to contain her waves of ecstasy any longer and we can see her high heels trembling with a leg shaking orgasm. Her mind has imploded, she can only mumble things like “It’s so horny!”, “Oh yeah!”, “Oh fuck!” It’s like a prayer or a mantra…

Hudson is released and when he pops out audibly from that by super-slippery cave, we see him leaving a trail of doggy love juice from his massive doggy dong with the huge knot. It swings between his legs like the bell clapper of Big Ben. Devote in the meantime shows us her doggy love juice creampie which is overflowing the secret Cave. She then cleans Hudson’s favorite toy with gusto, showing her appreciation of his worship earlier. Her cherry red lips and tongue match the color of Hudson’s dong so closely it’s hard to tell where the one starts and the other ends…

The story continues. Our high-priestess has just finished with her first doggy member of royalty, who came for her prophecies, only to find her cave assaulted by Gunter, who seeks favor from Apollo and his prophet. Devote shows no compunction or fussiness and serves all those that come before her. Or cum inside her to be more precise.

She changes into her black latex over knee boots, assumes the position of proper worship, and allows Gunter to explore her cave of love. He is definitely determined to ram his K9 cock into the holiest of holy and has to reacquire his target a couple of times as he’s kinda eager. But as they say: perseverance is key and that key worked its magic in Devote’s lock once more…

DevoteHündin - Triple Duty

Soon again she’s moaning her prayer to the gods of love, wanton sex, or any gods, willing to accept her prayer. Just as long as she can orgasm on that massive knot. Gunter is giving it his all, humping Devote’s rump, legs, licking, trying to stick that dog cock in that hole. He knows the hole is there. The priestess is willing. Why won’t it work?

It’s so infuriating! Devote isn’t complaining, cause all this humping, rocking, and licking is turning her on to high heaven, despite the cave not being penetrated. It is definitely being assaulted in the nicest way possible. The mistress of the holy grotto changes tack and tries to entice Gunter to some play, getting him all riled up. Gunter reciprocates and mounts like a pro, but gets overexcited and mounts the wrong end…

It’s not like Devote isn’t interested in having her throat fucked but, it’s not what she was going for. So she tries again and we can hear her being penetrated, we even get a short glimpse of his red rocket exiting the cave. With the help of a reed box doubling as an altar, we finally get to where we needed to be: Elysium.

He’s inside and is treated by Devote by a raucous blowjob to reward him for all the earnest effort he’s put in. Who needs a pet-pussy, when that mouth of Devote can deliver this type of pleasure. Devote herself can’t contain her pleasure and starts rubbing and pinching her ample breasts and nipples, sliding that hand further down to rub her pussy to a frothing climax…

DevoteHündin - Triple Duty

Devote changes her attire once more to a spiffy black see-through mesh netting and latex ensemble. Shadow admires her priestly attire or more likely is wondering what he’ll have to do for her to take it all off. As Devote bends over, whilst standing up, Shadow proves to her he’s a BIG BOY ™ and isn’t hindered by her standing on her legs. The prospect makes Devote slightly weak in her knees and she decides to pull away the coverings to her crotch, to allow Shadow a glimpse of the inner sanctum.

And that’s all the encouragement this champion needs. A single goal forms in his mind: “I must impregnate this nice lady and make many puppies as she seems to be in heat“.

Forget worship. Forget temples. Forget prophecies. It’s all about carnal desires. Some might say “The flesh is weak” – those people haven’t seen a Beauceron giving it his all to the Lady he loves and cherishes. I mean. Oh My God erm .. Oh my Dog … if you ever thought about being ravaged by a K9 with no way of escaping, this is what that looks like…

Just for the record: Devote doesn’t exactly behave like she’s feeling a pressing urge to escape … it turns out her panties are actually split open at the crotch and she obligingly opens the access for Shadow to have his way with her, which he does. And when he’s in Devote can’t help voicing her surprise, again calling on God, cause despite not being knotted by Shadow yet … the girth … was a pleasant surprise. Shadow is managing to stretch Devote’s believes and insides to new dimensions. Did I mention the girth? I did, didn’t I? I’m sorry, I just have to mention it again.

You can see it, assaulting that cave, swinging between his legs. And that’s without him having knotted her yet. Shadow cleans up some of the dribblings on the end he’s currently most interested in and considers the prophecy. What was it again: Return ye shall not. Cum shall you! He climbs the holy mountain again and assaults the sanctuary with all his girthy might, not taking any prisoners in the process. Shadow stabs our priestess in just the right spot and makes her sing out to the moon as if she’s a she-wolf in the throes of passion and ecstasy…

Our Priestess opens the access to her cave willingly, spreading her legs wide, so Shadow can provide her with some lip service with that mighty tongue of his. It’s hot, sticky, and dripping wet. His tongue .. and her cave. I’m not sure why I’m even pointing this out. I mean … they’re both in danger of dehydration if they keep at it like this. Shadow manages to make Devote cum, right on his tongue, from just his fierce licking. The involuntary bucking of her hips betrays a sense of pleasure running through her spine that no amount of muscle control can hide for piety’s sake. She’s forlorn. She’s his. And he’s hers.

As Devote furiously rubs that soaking wet pussy of her, Shadow is very eager to help out and licks it and kisses her face. He mounts her once more and then quickly checks his progress. Devote lies on her back, legs wide open for our convenience, and treats her lover to some loving smooches, showing her devotion. One outfit change to a wide-open holy mess of lingerie later, we return to the highlight of this video, where we’ll be allowed an overhead view of the assault on the temple of Apollo. Before we get there, the high-priestess kneels at her wicker altar, covered with a cloth, and allows our attacker ample access to her behind…

..No need to be gentle by the way. I’ve been readying my body and my soul for this very moment all my life.” Shadow checks for the proper levels of lubrication and adds his own drool to help things along. The shot from underneath shows it all and the obvious excitement of Devote when that happens. Our bottom camera lens catches a lot of drips .. we’re not sure if it’s lubrication from Devote or Shadow’s drool. He mounts her again, penetrates, and checks his results.

Devote in the meantime is losing her mind and spreads her pussylips wide open. She can’t help wiggling her legs and bucking her hips, hoping that the penetration will ensue. She rubs her clit furiously as she’s sooo close. We’re treated on a topside shot of and bottom side shot of that penetration, where we can see the shaft having been inside and leaking out copious amounts of his K9 sperm out of Devote’s holiest of holies. And there the story ends … or does it now .. perhaps our Priestess will have a multi-sire litter in 9 weeks with green hair on the top of their heads <3

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