Donna – Police Academy

Donna - Police Academy

Calling the K9 Unit

Donna - Police Academy


Donna - Police Academy

Following on from Her first animal sex video “Disco Stick”, Horny Donna continues Her pet education with lucky Simba…

Donna - Police Academy

Each time I’m driving home, after a hard days work, my mind wanders, whenever I see a police vehicle or especially when I see sexy law enforcement officers.

Donna - Police Academy

This day wasn’t any different right until I was flagged over for a seemingly routine traffic stop by this dream of a woman who identified herself as Cadet Donna from the local Police Academy, or since she was on probationary duty: Acting Officer Donna.

Donna - Police Academy

Officer Donna’s angelic facial features are juxtaposed by sturdy high heeled black boots and legs that never seem to end. Her taught tummy and pert breasts compliment her slender frame. And that smile … well .. it is definitely a given that she’s having enjoying her job.

Donna - Police Academy

As is usual for acting officers from the Academy, her skintight police uniform was up to specs according to the uniformcode. Breathable, so the hard and strenous work would not cause her to break out in a sweat, whilst sturdy enough to stand up to the rigors of the job.

And I can tell you, this uniform was in for quite some rigors. We escort Officer Donna to an abandoned road or rather dirt road would be a better description, in the middle of the local forests and Donna gets to chase her suspect: Simba.

A local never-do-well with a penchant for petty crime. Donna plays cops and robbers with Simba to get the adrenaline and other hormones going. He starts off by stealing her police cap. Each time she tries to nab him, he manages to slip away deftly. Though we can see the escapes becoming more and more reluctant each time the luscious lady cop frisks his junk.

Donna - Police Academy

Officer Donna puts her best assets on display, showing Simba her pert boobs, barely able to contain her own excitement. Going on the way her nipples are pointing it must have been cold.

Very cold. Or … perhaps Officer Donna was ready, willing and able to perform some deeds that aren’t in the regular manual of how to catch a predator. Eventually Simba makes up his mind and decides to get rid of any evidence of wrongdoing by simply eating the baggies of whatever he was holding and then turning his attention to Officer Donna’s full body search. It’s only fair, if she gets to do the frisking, why wouldn’t he be allowed to reciprocate and do a full cavity search.

Donna - Police Academy

No glove. Being a K9, he of course has to start with sniffing and a proper lick. Or two … or three … it’s easy to lose track of how often you licked so better keep at it, till the suspect gives in and presents her self properly. Or ehm … was that how you get a lady to present herself when she’s in heat. It’s so easy to get these things confused. Like tasers and guns.

One strategically placed beach towel later, Simba suddenly remembers there’s more to this game, as soon as Officer Donna assumes the position. All thoughts of trying to run away and playing hard to get are forgotten soon and things become even worse when Mr. X whips out his cock for Officer Donna to inspect.

If Donna wants to get her bonus credit for forensic examinations in sex offenses, she better get to work on that cock. Simba feels slightly left out and triesto join in with the fun as he knows this game. He desperately tries to get some humps and licks in, to taste all that yumminess dripping from Officer Donna’s easily accessible pet pussy. But technically speaking, it’s not a pet pussyyet. There’s this human cock in the way, worse even, he’s coating her insides with his semen.

This ofcourse shall not stand! Simba’s inner dog is telling him that he needs to remove all traces of DNA of this competing male, from that luscious female and gets to work. Licking her all clean, mounting her afterwards, setting his mind and body to the single task of eradicating all the sperm that’s already in there, by his own brand of doggy love juice.

Donna - Police Academy

There’s only one way and that’s plunging his red rocket into the hot depths that await him, ever so willingly. We get a close up view of what that looks like, to make certain we’re not missing out on any important details to solve the crimes later.

As this extended … obviously very routine … traffic stop will be part of the final exam for Officer Donna, Simba gives it his all and goes at it to make sure this luscious pet pussy will look well pollinated for the forensic examination after. … I wonder if you can get a speeding ticket for humping too fast? Sir, did you know how fast you were humping this luscious officer? I have no idea, but can I do it again, please?

Since officer Donna is now no longer in a position to use the handcuffs to keep him restrained, she opts for the next best thing and that vice like pet pussy traps Simba’s knot. No escaping for you, sir! I sentence you to 10 to 20 minutes of incarceration, maximum security, with no parole .. unless you ask nicely of course.

Keeping hold of that massive throbbing criminal k9 penis is hard work and Officer Donna can’t help herself from vocally radioing some occassional requests for back up. It is a lot of cock that she’s holding down.

Though her radio calls can’t hold a candle to officer Larvel Jones’ vocal and sound effect talents, who needs to hold a candle anyway, when you’re holding a doggy dick clamped as close as possible to your womb. Just like in any other police procedural we get to see the action from the inside of the car as well.

A strategically positioned camera gives us the dirty and a front view, so we can examine Officer Donna’s techniques and joy in her work in detail. Proper police procedure starts with respect for the uniform, so Officer Donna adjusts her attire for this difficult part of the exam, to get maximum accessibility. Mr. X helps line up that doggy cock to that pet pussy, whilst keeping everything in extreme close up with the camera.

And they’re off again. This certainly isn’t a case of a Need for Speed or Gone in 60 seconds, it’s more like Oliver Twist asking: ,,Can I have some more please, sir?”

Simba and Officer Donna do their joint best impression of a police siren … it could of course also be mistaken for sounds of joy from being humped by a k9 love piston at 99 humps per minute, within the proscribed speed limit, that goes without saying.

We can tell the exact moment the knot locks in and the celldoor closes, as we see Officer Donna’s eyes widen and pupils dilating temporarily losing her mind. When she recovers she quickly remembers all her training from Sergeant Callahan, who taught her all about the importance of grips, proper breathing technique and arm-, leg- and other bodypart -locks.

Having recovered from the rigorous knotting exercise, Officer Donna, needs to establish whether there were illegal substances present. So she starts with a breathalyzer.Simba isn’t entirely sure if this is the normal way a breathalyzer test is done.

Isn’t he supposed to blow down in a device of some sorts? When did his personal device, become the breathalyzer? And isn’t sucking the opposite of blowing? Simba is so confused. Not that he’s complaining, there’s ample amounts of his doggy love juice dripping out, to show that he’s definitely not complaining. This police business is all terribly confusing. Can you explain it to me again please. Or rather show me. You can use me as an example. I’ll give you a kiss and perhaps a lick if you can do it again.

When officer Donna is satisfied there are no illegal substances in there, she gives us a smoldering look in the camera, before kneeling in front of the driver’s seat again, asking Simba to deliver on that promise he made earlier.

She needs to be clean and wholesome again before putting her uniform back on. We can see some sperm dripping on thighs. Before she says goodbye and goes to her graduation ceremony, Officer Donna treats us with a couple of side shots of the penetrations and furious humping at the car.

Simba gets back to his shenanigans of playing cops and robbers and tries to pinch her police cap but with a little help from his friends, finally manages to wear that police cap like a champ. Simba, a petty criminal helps Cadet Donna become Officer Donna, in AoZ’s Police Academy – a Donna Hotshot, making her earn full marks and proving to us he’s a thief of hearts after all. Who knows Simba might start a series K-9 Police Academy 1 to 6.

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