Lust at First Bite

The tale of Count Dracula gets an erotic twist in this extravagant, elaborate look at gothic sexuality. An all-star cast including Seka, John Holmes, and Jamie Gillis as the Count make this one of the most highly acclaimed adult features of all time!



Annette Haven
Kay Parker
Nancy Hoffman
John Holmes
John Leslie
Jamie Gillis
Paul Thomas
Bill Margold
Mike Ranger
Pat Manning


Scene 1. Annette Haven, Jamie Gillis
Scene 2. Pat Manning, Bill Margold
Scene 3. Nancy Hoffman, George Lee
Scene 4. Serena, Mike Ranger
Scene 5. Slavica, Mitch Morrill
Scene 6. Irene Best, John Holmes
Scene 7. Serena, Jamie Gillis
Scene 8. Serena, Mike Ranger
Scene 9. Seka, Paul Thomas
Scene 10. Nancy Hoffman, Slavica
Scene 11. Kay Parker, John Leslie
Scene 12. Kay Parker, Jamie Gillis
Scene 13. Seka, John Holmes
Scene 14. Annette Haven, Paul Thomas
Scene 15. Annette Haven, Jamie Gillis


Size: 1260 MB
Duration: 01:30:16
Resolution: 720×368
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