Max Hardcore – Extreme Schoolgirls 3

Max Hardcore - Extreme Schoolgirls 3

This is a 2h 20minute hardcore porn movie. There is no plot, just 4 sex scenes one after the other. It comes SD at 1.4Mps. In case you are not familiar with Max Hardcore, basically it is very rough sex, and it has some stuff that you may find \”scat\”: basically pissing and puking (from ass to mouth or deepthroat), just be warned.

First there is a lengthy introduction about 10m long. First scene begins with Max touching the girl everywhere and getting her half naked. Then she masturbates and soon gets fucked. Max pees on her and back to fucking. Then she gives a BJ + deepthroat and she gets and anal, back to BJ, she puts her fingers deep into her mouth as if she was going to vomit and she gets peed in her mouth. Then more anal, more pee in her mouth (while she smokes a cigarette), back to BJ, and then she gets her pussy gaped with a gyno tool (speculum?) while she gets an anal. More BJ + deepthroat, more pee in her mouth/face/hair, BJ, back to anal, more BJ and ball licking, back to anal. Then she gets her pussy fingered, almost fisted, then she does it on her own, then she gets anal plus half a fist into her pussy, more fingering/fisting, some anal fingering, anal, BJ, more pee in her mouth. Then she gets a mouth gag and is orally penetrated, back to anal while max puts his fingers into her mouth and opens it really wide, some fingering, back to anal, more BJ. She gets again a mouth gag (this time looks different), more deep throat, piss in her mouth, and it ends with cum on her mouth.

Next scene is a skinny brunette with glases and dresses like a young girl. She gets her pussy fingered while she licks a lolly, also she gets some fingers up her ass, and then Max´s cock. She gives a BJ, Max pees in her mouth, more BJ and deepthroat, back to anal, and she gets her gapping asshole pissed into. Then anal, BJ + deepthroat until she pukes. Back to anal, more BJ and puking, more pee into her mouth. Then they change anal + BJ a few times until she gets cum on her asshole. Some noisy cumfarting (sooooo loud… added sound ?!?!?!) and the scene ends.

Next, a flat chested Asian looking girl is already half naked and posing for some pictures, and immediately goes for a BJ + deepthroat. Another girl appears and joins into sucking cock deeply into her mouth. Then this second girl gets an anal, the firs girls sucks the cock and back into the other girls ass. This ass to mouth goes on for a bit. Then the Asian girl fingers the other girl´s ass and sucks Max´s cock, back to anal (2nd girl) and she gets an anal creampie that is then unloaded back to the Asian girl´s mouth. The girl keeps being fucked in the ass and cumplays with the other girl, the end.

Last scene is another skinny red haired girl. She gets half naked and rubs her body, then HJ+BJ (forced deeptrhoat) until she pukes or very close to it. More deepthroat and ball licking, some more kinda of puke, she gets peed into her mouth and face, more BJ and cum in her mouth, face, hair and more piss to say goodbye. The end of another \”classy\” Max Hardcore film.

Stars: Cloey Adams, Catalina, Kitty, Jayna Oso, Neesa, Max Hardcore

Size: 1510 MB
Duration: 02:20:37
Resolution: 512×384

Max Hardcore – Extreme Schoolgirls 1-20 EURO VERSION