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A walk in the park, the Yasmin way! Let’s follow our charming friend as she ventures into the vibrantly colored scenery where no concrete has stepped afoot yet


Looking for the perfect spot to lay her towel on and satisfy the sexual appetites of her sworn lovers. This movie is the child of Yasmin’s new artistical direction,


experimenting with special filters and enviromental music in order to give you a more immersive experience that will involve all of your senses


A movie that is aimed to all of you guys out there who appreciate those productions with an artful vein branching through it,


but also to the pragmatic ones among you who want a significant dose of action in their flicks! Not only she gets the knot from both her doggies,but she also received the spitroast treatment from them, for the very first time! A movie so good that even Yas felt the urge to record herself at some point


Site: Seamless-Flow.Info
Models: Yasmin
File: mp4
Size: 1580 MB
Duration: 00:16:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

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