Zumi – Try Mine

Dog porn is the new black, for adventurous Ladies everywhere


As the years have rolled by, we’ve worked with an increasingly diverse range of people. Different countries and cultures, different ages – and different generations. In the past several decades a whole new generation has grown up with our good stuff in fairly plain sight. These new people were born into a world where dog fucking is a thing.

They’ve seen it, have wondered about it.

Good news travels fast, so we are increasingly met with “Yes wow I was always curious about it” when speaking with the Ladies. Those Ladies have seen those other Ladies, in the videos, having sex with dogs. And the question now isn’t whether or not I should fuck the dog. Instead, the question is how well? “Could I do it as beautifully as she?”


You Ladies don’t need to worry about all that, because dogs and vaginas always go together very nicely. What could be better?

Zumi has seen it, and is in fact very interested to try. So then, dreams do come true. This young Lady now has a date with a dog. We can only imagine her anticipation in the days leading up to the fun. What will it feel like? Will I be able to do it?

The movie starts with some outside shooting, and it’s Zumi’s big day. The Lady’s big innocent brown eyes are awash with ideas of things to come…


Zumi has a great bod, with a super-cute Pet button, and you just know that Tango will be delighted to try her on for size. Every Lady’s first time with a dog is a special time. Zumi is keen for Tango to try her pet love, to see if she has what it takes to make a great Pet Girl…


Tango is similarly keen to show Zumi what dog fucking is all about. The scent and taste of her flower has his cock humming like a bumblebee. As Ambassador to his species, he wants her to feel safe, receptive to his advances. He wants to know if this vagina will feel as good as she tastes…


The anticipation inevitably leads up to the big moment, Zumi feels Tango taking charge as he mounts her. All those wonderings can now be put to rest. No, she was not expecting it to feel bony. Oo it slips inside so easily, and fits so nicely. Yes, she can handle this. Ah, that’s what a knot feels like. It feels good and is pushing all the right buttons. Zumi’s first dog fuck is going very smoothly, just like in the movies. This dog sex thing is something the Lady could easily get very used to…


This movie has 2 mounts. The first scene is Zumi’s first time, where she loses her doggy cherry and feels that first deep cut of a canine cock. A great mount and tie is the perfect introduction to dog fucking. A well locked-up Zumi relaxes as Tango enjoys her body. She can feel him twitching and pulsing inside her as he cums. She proudly displays her new Pet Pussy with Tango still buried firmly inside her.

But Zumi wants her first dog porn movie to be special. She wants to add her own twist to her second time, now she knows what to expect. She is now confident enough to do it all herself, so it’s just between her, and the dog. Zumi’s vagina is clearly made for this kind of loving…


From mount to full tie, without any assistance from Dachat’s crew – it’s always great to see a Lady taking her dog sex seriously. Taking things a little further, Zumi wants to try a glass scene, we haven’t had one of those for a while. She skillfully works her vagina around his swollen dog cock, to coax out every drop of that precious nectar. She holds a glass in anticipation of the cream flowing inside her. She has plans for that doggy cum…


Doggy cream successfully gathered, Zumi works Tango’s cock, teasing out those last few precious drops. She can’t help swallowing a few squirts here and there, making dog porn is clearly thirsty work! Finally, when Tango has given the Lady all he has to give, Zumi knocks back her shot of dog cum and drinks it down. It’s not an easy swallow, it was only 5 minutes ago that the Lady hadn’t even felt a dog taking her. But Zumi clearly has her heart set on having all that dog cum inside her, she really wants it all. The look of pride on her face as the dog juice slips down her throat, is quite something. Zumi has worked very hard to make sure her first shoot is worthy of us discerning petfans.


Since it’s Zumi’s first time drinking from that doggy cup, Try Mine could also refer to Tango’s wet and creamy offerings to the Lady. Well, Zumi did try it, and she liked it, and I have a feeling she will be back for more. She has a friend also interested in dog fucking – who we will hopefully meet soon – so we can assume that the Lady has glowing reports of her new dog fucking experience. It certainly adds some colour to the question ‘what have you been doing lately?’ Something new and exciting, that’s for sure.


So, Zumi and Tango get it on the right way, and invite you to try theirs – great work from Dachat, and to everyone returning after the lockdown, welcome back and enjoy the pet fun


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Scene: Try Mine
Producer: Dachat
Models: Zumi with Tango

File: mp4
Size: 2250 MB
Duration: 00:40:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

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